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We’re super thrilled to share with you this short meditative exercise inspired by the common dandelion (taraxacum officinale).
It can be practiced as often as you need, whenever you need a little help finding the ground. This ten minute sound file or transcript can be kept as a companion to listen to whenever you might feel like nurturing your inner dandelion from root to seed.
It’s called tarax'sup? and it’s a gift for you made with love (and in love) with my collaborators*.
* Collaborator is a word I learned the true meaning of from Amal Khalaf, who has been a radical friend to activists and artists at the Serpentine for over a decade.
Hers is the first voice you’ll hear in tarax'sup?
The enlightened dandelion is drawn by Tosh Basco. The soundscape is created and performed by Kelsey Lu. The scripted relaxation imagery is written and read by myself, Sophia Al-Maria.
It was recorded by Thibault Verdron in Arles, France with special thanks to LUMA Foundation. It was mastered by Heba Kadry.
Finally, tarax'sup? is dedicated to the memory of Rainbow who was with us there.
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tarax’sup? was released on the Winter Equinox, 21 December 2020. It is a prelude to my ongoing project with Serpentine, taraxos, which ruminates on the dandelion to explore the seeding of new ideas, kinship, breathwork and abolitionist thinking.
Curated and produced by Tamar Clarke-Brown, Eva Jäger, Melissa Blanchflower and Kay Watson
Additional creative direction by Louis Gabriel
Design by Jonna Mayer
Microsite by Black Shuck Cooperative
Commissioned by Serpentine Galleries